British Shorthair Kittens

We occasionally have special kittens available to super homes.

Our kittens are born and raised in our home as part of the family. I’m always present when they are born, often used as something for the girls to push against and never allowed out of their sight.

We expose the babies to everything we can and I’m told that we breed some of the funniest, most clever and spirited kittens out there, which makes me feel that we are right in putting in so much time and effort in with them.

If you are looking for a typical ‘aloof’ British that they talk about in the books, we are probably not the place for you. Ours are very much people cats that happily come for cuddles and attention and love some lap time.

Our babies don’t get homed on a first come, first served basis, we pick owners that we feel will fit well with our babies and give them the lifestyle that they become accustomed to while they are with us.

Contact us for details of future kittens.

Here are a few photos of some of our past kittens.

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Daisypurrs are purrfect
They’re bred to be such fun.
Your life will never be the same
And you’ll never have just one.
Don’t think of being house proud
Or having everything just so,
Coz Daisypurrs are curious
And there are things they need to know.
Like what’s inside the waste bin?
Or what’s behind the door?
Just how long’s this toilet roll?
And can I fit inside this drawer?
They’re really quite intelligent
Which isn’t always very good.
They do things that they shouldn’t
And don’t do things they should!
Always up to mischief
And I’m sure I hear them laugh,
When I call out that it’s time for bed
And they hide inside the bath!
They silently wait in hiding
All innocent and sweet
Waiting for passing humans
To grab unsuspecting feet.
In contrast, when they’re feeling tired
They curl up on your lap
Loving to be cuddled
As they take a little nap.
Don’t think that I’m pretending
Just to make a little rhyme
I own four lovely Daisypurrs
And they’re like this all the time.
Their characters are clown like
They are gorgeous and well bred,
And once you’re owned by one of them
They’ll get inside your head.
So if you want a kitten
Then a Daisypurr’s for you,
But they do come with a warning
Soon one will turn to two!
That’s if Jo lets you have one.
You have to pass the test!
Then she’ll cry uncontrollably
As her babies leave the nest.
But of course, who can blame her
When with tender loving care,
She has nurtured all these little ones
Into something very rare.
Coz Daisypurrs are purrfect
They’re bred to be such fun.
Your life will never be the same
And you’ll never have just one!!


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