Our Cats

We have 6 British girls, 4 of who are queens and two that are neutered We believe in Quality not Quantity and for many years we only had male kittens, then in 2012 Poppy had a litter of 4, 3 of which were girls! And gorgeous girls they were and try as i might i could not decide who to keep and so all 3 stayed here with us, a lovely little girl from Tilly’s first litter in 2016 also stayed with us, completing the super six.

You can read all about them on their individual pages. Just click on their individual photos to meet each of my girls.


Grand Champion Purrisimo Chantillylace, our foundation, she is the oldie that nestles right in the heart of Daisypurr.


Champion Daisypurr Madaboutyou, our long awaited, stunning cuddle monster, she’s a bit of a pickle with strangers but once she knows you she’s a darling.


Imperial Grand Champion Daisypurr Tilltherewasyou, the Princess, she is an ethereal beauty and she knows it, it’s hard to believe that something this beautiful lives with us.


Grand Champion Daisypurr Mollymae, the Clown, if ever life is gloomy one look at Molly makes the world a better place.


Hope is a real little character who fits into our little world at Daisypurr just perfectly, Hope gets on with everyone and all of the girls love to mother her.


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