Champion Purrisimo Princess Daisy

Champion Daviot McLeod x Jococa Mirror Image

01/08/2001 – 16/11/2013

‘To know her is to love her’

I don’t think any amount of words will ever do her the justice that she deserves and I still can’t put into words how much I miss my best friend that shared so much of my life. She gave me more love and laughter than I could have ever wished for and has left a big, Daisy shaped hole in both my heart and my life. She was my first ever cat, my reason for loving the breed and my reason for breeding – and she adored me as much as I did her.

Daisy was a big softie although she had a real wicked streak and would take the mickey out of anyone that let her; she never upset anyone on purpose but didn’t take any rubbish either. She was the perfect cat to live with who rarely put a foot wrong and made me laugh every day that we had together.

She had a great show career and made Champion easily. Unfortunately she didn’t enjoy showing so she was retired to do a job she enjoyed much more – playing amazing Aunty to the babies. I still don’t know how we’ll manage to teach them right from wrong without her.

Daisy spent her final years under a lot of medication for her heart and arthritis but she was still full of life (if a bit slower) until we lost her.

Daisy was always happiest on my lap, wrapped around my shoulders or generally lounging around and even as an oldie she was still prepared to kill for ham!

Daisy will never be far from my heart.

Here are a few photos of Daisy.

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