This is a section of the website that I would rather not have but sadly animals are too precious and perfect to stay on earth for long periods and we never get to keep them as long as we would like to. I am very lucky to have some terribly special cats in my life so when one of them leaves us it leaves a massive hole in our hearts and lives.

I sincerely hope that we won’t have any additions to this section for a very long time.

Remembering Our Daisypurr’s

Who could ever have imagined from one tiny little kitten
That so many lives and hearts would change, so many of us smitten.
From the moment that you hold a new Daisypurr in your arms
You’ll be their slave forever as they melt you with their charms.

They are raised with loving kindness, dedication and great care,
So new mums and dads are vetted if their homes they want to share
With one of Joanne’s babies, from whom she’ll have to part
And as she says goodbye to them, they take a little of her heart.

They are amusing and adventurous, very clever and so cute
Their beauty and perfection could never be in dispute
Cuddly and demanding, they will change your life for ever.
Once you’ve had a Daisypurr, would you be without one? Never!

If you’ve never owned a Daisypurr, you may not comprehend
The feeling of devastation when their life comes to an end.
So we take time to remember those who sadly now have passed
They may no longer be here with us, but the love and memories last.


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